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Becky Thomas: Rate Card

Rate Card For Storytelling:


Story Song Productions currently recommends the rate for storytellers as set by Canada Council for the Arts. Rates are as follows:

Standard School Rate: $250 for the first hour, plus $35 for each additional


Library Rate: $150 plus $25 for additional performance.

Festival Rate: $600.

Church and Non Profits - Library Rate for under 100, School Rate for 101 - 300,

Festival Rate for 300 +

Artist in Residency: 80 hours over 1 month at $40 per hour. 40 hours over 2 weeks at $50 ph

Travel Expenses: Mileage outside of a 25 mile radius is 56 cents per mile. If traveling

expenses require flight and/or hotel accommodation, these will be added in.

The Extras:

Crafts: If requesting crafts, supplies will be added in based on number of participants.

Supplies usually run at $30 for 50 participants.

CDʼs: A free CD will be given to schools and libraries. Additional CDʼs may be purchased at

$5.00 for the first 50, and $3.00 for additional copies.

Storyteller reserves the right to negotiate fees based on community needs.

Rate Card (Aug 21, 2014)