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Becky Thomas: Photos

With Sam, a great musician and new friend!
My Dream House in New Hazelton
Beautiful New Hazleton, BC
My Saskatchewan Dream
Stephen's Backpacks Fundraiser, Canada Day 2014
With Metis Artist, Art Lucier at the Eagles Centre, Kitimat
Playing In The Sky
A Reunion of Family and Friends at "The Fire", New Hazelton
Practicing our dance moves - we are at the beautiful Mission Park in Kelowna, BC
At beautiful Cranberry Flats in Saskatchewan - what is that a hill I see?
This is the picture I wanted for Sacred Ground - being caught up to a "higher place"
Flaunting my new
This dress was made and given to me by the owners of White Buffalo Spirit Designs

Enjoying the River in Kelowna, BC

Visiting Tsay Keh Dene


Beautiful Tennessee - my stomping grounds

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