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Becky Thomas: Newsworthy

Once Upon A Story - July 28, 2014

I'm so excited to share with you the release of a new album, "Once Upon A Story"!   Recorded with schools and libraries in mind, this CD has some great additions to it including kids from Tsay Keh Dene and Kwadacha, Sekani translator, Vera Poole on the song story, "Falling From The Sky", the vocal talents of Stephane Wuttenee on "Jesse And The Moose" and a duet with dear friend, Krista Pederson.    

For the graphics, we featured my daughter, Kim, looking up and into a bamboo forest in Cherokee, NC.  (I'm so proud - I took the picture myself!).    On the back is a photo of me in the forest (Kim, the professional photographer, took that one!).   These pics symbolize to me the significance of passing on knowledge, wisdom and joy through the sharing of stories, songs and culture.  It is our stories, our music and celebration of culture that ground our children, giving them roots of identity.  They can then dig down deep when they need to, and receive the momentum to grow upward and reach beyond what we were able to in the time we've been allotted.  

This symbolism speaks to the heart and motivation of this album - to pass on music and stories relating to self worth, that teach us how to harness negative thoughts and embrace what is good and true about ourselves and others, to overcome fear and obstacles,  continuing to believe in the magic and mystery of life and in the kindness of Creator.

If you would like me to send you a CD, please send a check for $20 to:  222 Avenue S South, Sask, Sask, S7M 2Z8.   You will also be able to find it on itunes and CDBaby in a few days!  


Newsletter - February 20, 2014

We are getting a late start to our New Yearʼs letter but we wanted to stay and touch and

wish you a great 2014. Thank you to all who stay in touch with us whether thru

letters, facebook, email, twitter - lol! You get the picture!

2013 was a big year for us! Some of the highlights.........


April - Becky directed a church Easter musical with 8 other churches. (This time Larry

performed!) The Spirit of God moved powerfully and the service had to be closed 3



May - after a fabulous weekend leading worship at the Ness Lake Womenʼs Retreat in

BC for Becky, and the 4square National Convention for Larry, we met in Vancouver to

fly to India for two weeks. From snow in Saskatchewan to 35 + temperatures in

Bangalore and Coimbature, we felt transported into an oven! After two weeks we were

quite baked but we had a marvelous time with Foursquare and Youth With A Mission,

and look forward to more adventures both there and in Nepal in years to come.


July - Kim was with us for a week and then we drove to BC to see Tiffany! We had a

great holiday with family and friends. Tiffany is working hard at completing the LPN

program and Kim has been busy traveling with her photography.


September - The national charity, Stephenʼs Backpacks, asked us to open a new

chapter in Saskatchewan. We have worked with them a number of years for the

children at risk in Saskatoon, but now we are heading up our own operations for the

province, which enables us to get into more communities including reserves. This was

something we had seen coming since December of last year, so it was an easy “yes”.


October - Becky and Kim visited mom/grandma in TN after serious health issues for

Alice. This was a restful time and Becky was able to make some great ministry

connections. L & Becky then headed north to Fort Ware and Tsay Keh Dene with the

Dunbars and Randy & Cheryl (Bear) Barnetson. For Becky, it was a dream to sing

with Cheryl, and she was blessed with a special guitar - youʼll have to ask for the story!


November - Larry flew off to the Philippines to be part of two wedding ceremonies and

ministry in sister churches. He was greatly encouraged with the move of the Spirit! He

took extra backpacks to give to kids - they loved them!


December - Partnering with our church and community, we saw 360 + backpacks sent

all over Saskatchewan, most of them were filled to the brim with blankets, stuffies,

school supplies, toiletries, socks, toque, mitts and toys. We were touched as we

witnessed children from one reserve wrap their fleece blankets around them in their cold

modular classrooms in - 36 weather. We had ever experienced cold like we did there,

with wind sweeping in with nothing to block it. We were also blessed to have both the

girls home for Christmas - the first time in years!


January - With running Stephenʼs Backpacks, normal church and itinerant FN music

ministry responsibilities, our church, has recognized Becky as a missionary and will

issue tax receipts for supporters. If you would like to support the work she is doing,

please make out checks to Courts of Praise at 2333 Herman Ave. Sask, Sask S7M2Z8.


February - Valentines Day Weekend Outreach with the Mcphee family of Stephenʼs

Backpacks. Stephen, who is now 12, and his family of 7, spoke to one of our schools

about “Dreaming Out Loud”, inspiring the students to dream for the future. This was a

significant time as for the first time ever, we heard dreams of kids wanting to be

teachers, businessmen, etc. A PJ Party for girls followed, Illuminations (a night of story

and song) and some came to Jesus for the first time, while others made their first walk

thru the doors of church. Now dreams are being spoken aloud among the greater

community as to how we can better help children and families who are either homeless

or at the bottom financially, not only at Christmas, but all thru the year as the Lord

provides the means. 


Meanwhile, Kim, moved to New York just yesterday for a minimum of 6 weeks. She

loves the city, continues to have a huge heart for social justice, and is pursuing

the photography contracts and job offers 

that come her way.


2013 was full of highs and lows, both

challenges and grace. We are being

drawn back to“Intimacy with Jesus” and

“Listening Prayer”. Without His personal

touch and breath of the Spirit we are an

empty house - the lightʼs on but nobodyʼs

home. We hope you will join us in making

2014 not just a year of activity, but of daily

communion with Jesus. “In Him that we

live, move and have our being.” (Acts 17)

Much love & blessing in Jesus,


Larry & Becky Thomas


PS We want to invite you to check out Beckyʼs blog at, also

posted on Facebook & Twitter. After much stirring of heart and a request from a friend,

she is writing about First Nation issues and the church. She hopes to release some

new music and video blogs soon


The Mcphees Are Coming - February 11, 2014

This Friday - Sunday I am hosting some events to help bring attention to children who are either homeless or at risk due to poverty.   Come and meet my friend, Nancy Mcphee, mother to Stephen, of Stephen's Backpacks, at 3:30 pm at the corner of 8th and Louise Street (3310 8th Street) at Starbucks.   Free coffee will be served!  

Also, for moms and daughters there is a special PJ Party with myself and the Mcphee women at 2333 Herman Avenue in the Courts of Praise Building on Friday, Feb. 14 from 7 - 9 pm.    Check out the events page for more details.

On Saturday, February 15 the Mcphee family will be sharing their story in a Music and Story night called "Illuminations" also at the Courts of Praise Building, from 7 - 9 pm.    Please come and check it out and help us bring an end to child poverty and homelessness.   Refreshments will be served.

All events free - donations accepted!

New Position With Stephen's Backpacks - December 10, 2013

Friends!   I am so delighted to tell you of a new thing happening in Saskatchewan - the opening of a new chapter in Saskatoon and Regina for Stephen's Backpacks!   This is an amazing, nationally registered charity led by an autistic Metis boy of 12 years old and his amazing parents, Jim & Nancy Mcphee.   For their story, please visit  This society exists to help every child have "their own bed to sleep in, green grass to play on and lots and lots of toys!".    Currently Stephen's Backpacks in Airdrie, Calgary focuses one 3 major things:

Backpacks:  supply kids from ages 0 - 18 with backpacks stuffed to the brim with toys, toiletries, touque, scarf, mitts, blanket, and school supplies

Footprints:  Back to school drive for indoor and outdoor shoes

Project Hope:  Supplying families coming out of shelters with furnishings for an apartment.

I have been asked to head up the Saskatchewan chapter!  And one hundred percent of our donations go directly to the kids!   My colleagues and I have so much vision for this in Saskatchewan!  We hope to be able to tackle all 3 of these endeavors in the year to come!  Write me here if you would like to get involved!  Let's make a difference in children's lives here in our own front yard!

Upcoming Performances - February 17, 2011


On February 28, 2011 Becky will be doing some storytelling for Tamara House in Saskatoon at 6 pm.   

March 6, Thomas will be performing at 9:30 am for the Telemiracle show on TV, and at 1:30 at Oskayak High School in Saskatoon to  commemorate murdered and missing aboriginal women.

May 14 - 16 Becky will be joining the music team at Ness Lake Bible Camp again for a Women's Retreat.

We will post more events as they get confirmed!


In January of 2011, the track "Celebrate Life" won as a soundtrack for the book, "The Bone Cage" by Angie Abdou in the Canada Reads contest.    The book is an interesting and insightful look at what amateur athletes go thru to compete at world class events like the Olympics.    I was excited about winning with this book as "Celebrate Life" was actually written for a sporting event a few years back in Williams Lake which was hosting the "BC Winter Games" for junior and senior high school kids.   It seemed like a good fit and we were excited that the voters agreed!

CD Release Parties - December 8, 2010

November 19 and December 1 marked the CD release parties of "Miracles of the North" and "Sacred Ground" in Moose Jaw, SK and Saskatoon, SK.   The Moose Jaw party was a gala black tie event hosted by "Harmonies" and Rev. Joanne Spencer.   I was so privileged that Joanne included me with another group from Harmonies for a double CD release.   We had the best food ever, lots of musical jamming and, of course, performances by myself and the other featured group (I believe they are called "Jackson").   I met some great people, got booked to do a radio show later in December, and made some good musical connections.


The party in Saskatoon was held at McNally Robinson's.   It was a great little set up but we didn't have enough chairs set out unfortunately.   Lots of my friends came to support me and Chelsea Eaves helped out with some background vocals, keyboard and conga.  Afterwords we sat around the tables in the Prairie Ink Restaurant and I had my first "London Fog".  My friend Arnolda summed up the experience well - "it was like a hot bowl of Fruit Loops".   lol  

New Album Date - December 12, 2009

Hey Everyone:

Just wanted you to know that we have a CD and (Lord willing) book release scheduled for May 7, 2010 in Saskatchewan, and a BC tour starting on May 14th.   The CD and tour will be called "Miracles of the North" and the book will be one of the musical stories off of the album, the first of an illustrated children's series under the same title.  

A very unique, earthy album, this CD and book series will uncover the history of the last 40 years as a once self sustained and prosperous tribe struggled to survive after the building of the Peace River Dam.   The dam resulted in the flooding of their villages, killing the wildlife, and plunging them into instant poverty and  a fight for survival.   Sure to tickle your funny bone, wow your imagination and inspire you in your own journey of faith and endurance, it is their hope and mine that these Sikani stories not leave you untouched or unchanged.    You can preview a demo of these stories on the Music page under "heritage stories" - "God of the Moose" and the children's song "Falling From The Sky".   Believe it or not, these "tall tales" are the actual history of this tribes survival!

After the initial production costs of this album are covered, ALL profits will be going back into the Sikani tribe of northern BC who so graciously entrusted me with their stories, granting their permission for these stories to be shared with the world.    This tribe is very remote and not fully funded by the government.  Profits will help support the illustration artists, the original storytellers, and their work towards once again becoming a self sustaining and prosperous tribe of people.

Sometime in the spring, we will be doing a big promotion and pre-sale event, so be sure to check back in before too long or sign the guest book so that you can get on my email list and get the latest on this very precious, and dear to my heart project, as well as other news!

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