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Becky Thomas: Music

The Woman With The Coloured Stones

(Becky Thomas)
Becky Thomas and Traditional Cherokee Song

This story was inspired by the gift of a giant beaded dreamcatcher that women from Bella Coola and Ness Lake gave to the women of Kwadacha and Tsay Keh Dene.   Dreamcatchers were traditionally used by new mothers as a means of catching bad dreams, protecting their newborn babes from nightmares.  I started to reflect how words can also produce good dreams and bad, and how there is a need to put a filter on our hearts and ears so that we only get the good words. I tried this story out on the kids of Kwadacha and Fort Ware with a beaded dreamcatcher craft.   They quickly twisted the dreamcatchers into bracelets and chokers and so the story changed to become what it now is.    Then, in the winter of 2014, as I shared this story with kids from Saskatoon, I realized the story needed a song, and so drew on my Cherokee heritage and a traditional song.  The song then required me a female heroine, which was consistent with the original gift as well as the role that women occupy in Cherokee culture.