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Becky Thomas: Music

I Delight In You

(Becky Thomas)
June 30, 2007
Becky Thomas

During an especially hard season, I dreamt one night the Father was singing over our family 

and church.   I woke up with this melody, and it literally changed 

everything for us - at least in our way of viewing our life and circumstances!

It comes from an ancient text found in Zephaniah 3:17, ("The Lord your God

is with you, a strong warrior.  He will rejoice (dance and twirl) over you with

singing and calm you with His love") which became the basis for the album

some of my later projects and my mission statement.  I recorded it especially

for the Chilcotin and First Nations people of Williams Lake.  

In the end, we shouldn't get our value from what others say,  because it's what

our Creator says that gives us dignity and purpose.   As this comes from a Hebrew

text, it is important to know that in those days, to be delighted in by a Father 

meant that He was telling the community that you were enrolled in the family

business and any dealings they had with you would be like dealing with Him.