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Becky Thomas: Customer Reviews

What a wonderful album!

  The stories are riveting! I listened the whole way through, and even the stories that I'd heard Becky tell before, captured my imagination and attention. My favourite, so far, is Modred's story of overcoming fear.

  There is such a great mix of story and song. It feels as if you're sitting in the living room with Becky and her guitar-telling stories, back and forth, singing, enjoying each-other's company!” - Krista Pederson, Mom and School Community Facilitator, Saskatoon, SK  


“During Becky’s concert I saw my kids engage in a way I’ve never seen before.  They were totally in!”   Lecia Goerke, Homeschooler, New Hazleton BC


“I had a chance to listen to a practice recording of ‘How Jesse got the Moose.’ As soon as it was finished, they asked ‘is there more?’ I'm so pleased that now there is more!  Laena especially likes “Red Bird”!   Thanks Becky!”    

- Laena, Miah, Leif, Cohen and Thorin -  Elementary/Middle School Students, Saskatoon, SK


“The songs are growing and growing on me - I can’t get ‘The Fish Song”

out of my head” - Kelly Parker, Turtle Island Music, Saskatoon, SK 


“The Woman With The Coloured Stone” is such a good story.  Becky is a great storyteller” - Marian Been, Security Guard, Saskatoon, SK


“Your voice calms my kids - even Stephen, who struggles with autism.  They settle down and even Stephen will calm after a day of too much stimulation.   They listen wide-eyed to the stories and music and then go right to sleep”.   Nancy Mcphee - Stephen’s Backpacks Executive Director and mother of 6, Airdire, Alberta


Storytelling CD/Concert

Becky made the dedication of our little girl very meaningful not only to us but to all who were there.  The words chosen/sung expressed what my husband and I had in our heart and spirit in a way we never could to our friends and family.  The words of this song encouraged, and brought love and hope to all hearts and will continue to do so.”

By the way Becky, I am not sure if I had ever told you this before, I had been singing to God and Hannah for weeks before the dedication about what a treasure we had.  It just blew me away when I heard you sing those very words.  I still cry when I listen to the song.  It expresses my heart and Dan’s heart, our hopes and prayers for our two girls.  Thank you again for writing this song for us.

Dan & Melissa, Williams Lake BC, Canada

What a wonderful gift!!!  My husband loved the song you wrote for his 40th birthday!!!  I kept trying to think of something original and special I could have for his 40th and this was perfect!!! The look on his face was priceless!! When it started playing, he had a smile from ear to ear!!! The lyrics were great!!!  Later, he told me that he has never had such an original gift and will always treasure it!!!  You are such a customer-friendly and dependable company!!  Hope you keep making special memories for others!!!!  Thanks again for helping me make this a special birthday!!!  Joy Thacker, Bristol, TN


Wow!  The song you wrote for my birthday was unbelievable.   That you could write such a song based on the events of my life is remarkable.  Alice, Piney Flats, TN


Songwriting & Heritage Events (Aug 22, 2014)