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Becky Thomas: Bio

Becky Thomas - Singer & Storyteller

Some may be surprised to know that a singer/storyteller beat out all other contenders in a variety of genres for Best Female Artist at the 2011 Native American Music Awards.  Becky Thomas not only has a soft, soothing and venerable sound which lends itself well to her country, folk,  Gospel and First Nations music, but she positively exudes joy while she performs with an inner light that adds depth to her music. 


As a storyteller Beckyʼs authentic sound and pitch perfect lyrics tell the stories all of us need to

hear. Whether they are spoken or sung, they bring people of all ages and racial groups together

in a way that both challenges and delights. Itʼs not an uncommon thing to experience both tears

and laughter as she shares from her own experience, the experiences of others and from native



In September 2014, she is excited to release her fifth album, “Once Upon A Story”, a mixture of traditional and contemporary First Nation stories and songs dealing with self esteem issues and designed for both family entertainment and education.   Here are what fans have to say:


What a wonderful album!

  The stories are riveting! I listened the whole way through, and even the stories that I'd heard Becky tell before, captured my imagination and attention. My favourite, so far, is Modred's story of overcoming fear.

  There is such a great mix of story and song. It feels as if you're sitting in the living room with Becky and her guitar-telling stories, back and forth, singing, enjoying each-other's company!” - Krista Pederson, Mom and School Community Facilitator, Saskatoon, SK  


“During Becky’s concert I saw my kids engage in a way I’ve never seen before.  They were totally in!”   Lecia Goerke, Homeschooler, New Hazleton BC


“I had a chance to listen to a practice recording of ‘How Jesse got the Moose.’ As soon as it was finished, they asked ‘is there more?’ I'm so pleased that now there is more!  Laena especially likes “Red Bird”!   Thanks Becky!”    

- Laena, Miah, Leif, Cohen and Thorin -  Elementary/Middle School Students, Saskatoon, SK


“The songs are growing and growing on me - I can’t get ‘The Fish Song”

out of my head” - Kelly Parker, Turtle Island Music, Saskatoon, SK 


“The Woman With The Coloured Stone” is such a good story.  Becky is a great storyteller” - Marian Been, Security Guard, Saskatoon, SK


“Your voice calms my kids - even Stephen, who struggles with autism.  They settle down and even Stephen will calm after a day of too much stimulation.   They listen wide-eyed to the stories and music and then go right to sleep”.   Nancy Mcphee - Stephen’s Backpacks Executive Director and mother of 6, Airdire, Alberta


Originally from Bristol, Tennessee, Thomas met a cute Canadian guy while attending some university classes in Hawaii.  They now live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan where Becky also heads up the Saskatchewan chapter of Stephen’s Backpacks, a charity devoted  to ending child poverty and homelessness.  (   In their spare time, Becky and Larry can sometimes be seen waltzing through the prairie grasses around Saskatoon.